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Netflix adds Starz and more to streaming library

In preparation for the Fall release of the Netflix streaming enabled New Xbox Experience, Netflix just announced that they're adding additional content to their streaming library including a boatload of content from Starz.

Come this Fall, Netflix will add an additional 2,500 pieces of content for streaming (that's 30,000 pieces of content in total), including movies from Starz Play like Spider-Man 3, Ratatouille, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Superbad, and No Country for Old Men. You'll need an unlimited subscription plan to have access to all the Netflix goodies when the NXE releases and, just to whet your appetite, 1,000 hunks of new content are available TODAY with the other 1,500 being added by the time the NXE launches. Happy days!

E308: NBC Universal added to XBVM

Somehow slipping through our extensive E3 2008 coverage (bad X3F, bad!) was an announcement that came during Microsoft's conference informing us that NBC/Universal were just added to the U.S. Xbox Live Video Marketplace. This new partnership brings hit NBC, Sci-Fi Channel and USA Network shows to the XBVM including various SD/HD episodes from TV shows like The Office, Heroes, 30 Rock, Scrubs, SNL and more. This news may not be as exciting as the Netflix announcement, but we're sure those diehard Heroes fans would probably beg to differ on that point.

Video Marketplace Weekly: the dark one edition

We aren't going to beat around any bushes with this edition of Video Marketplace Weekly. The new release pickings are so slim, they're semi transparent and don't actually warrant the use of the word "they". "The" is a more appropriate term, because the only new release this week is Batman: Gotham Knight. Which, seeing that we're in a very Batman state of mind, isn't all that bad of a release. And in HD, who could go wrong? Hit the break to be not at all surprised by all the new video release (singular) you'll be treated to.

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Video Marketplace Weekly: new fireworks edition

It's a holiday weekend where we're sure most of you will be out and about, enjoying the sunshine and warm Summer weather. But not all of you will. We know there's a select few (okay, about 76% of you) who will want to stay indoors and maybe rent a new movie release off the Video Marketplace. And really, that's not that bad of an idea. It's such a reasonable idea, that we've compiled a list of all the past week's new U.S. XBVM movie releases even though it isn't much of a list. There's actually only three releases this week which is sort of a bummer. But they're new new releases, so that kind of makes up for it. We'll keep you in suspense until you make it to the break, but we'll leave you with one final warning message. Do not, under any circumstances, rent this week's "Alternate Ending" movie. Stick with the original. Alternate endings only leave room for disappointment, sadness and anger.

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DC Comics swoops in and saves the XBLM

The entire Super Friends crew is coming to an Xbox Live Marketplace near you ... that is if you live in the States. Microsoft and DC Comics have partnered to launch a new DC Comics network onto the XBLM, allowing gamers to purchase their favorite DC Comics based television shows. So far, they've committed to releasing episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Superman: The Fleischer Cartoons, Super Friends, The Adventures of Batman and Aquaman as well as DC based 360 theme and gamer picture downloads. Exciting stuff, especially when you've had nothing but Dark Knight on the mind for the past few months.

[Thanks, Jarvis Slacks]

Video Marketplace Weekly: 10,000 Rambos edition

Seeing that we can't be punctual about posting Video Marketplace Weekly on Fridays like originally intended, we're thinking of moving it to a much more weekend-friendly Saturday. Though, don't hold us to that either. Anyhoo, onto this week's new U.S. Video Marketplace movie releases where the pickings are slim, but they're actually NEW new releases. NEW new releases including 10,000 B.C. and Rambo to be exact. Click towards the break to get a heaping helping of new movie release yumminess, but please, no second helpings. Thank you for understanding.

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Video Marketplace Weekly: foolish edition

Again, just like clockwork, we bring you yet another edition of Video Marketplace Weekly where we breakdown all the past week's new U.S. Video Marketplace movie releases. We do it because we care about you and your movie rental habits. And this week's new releases are ... well, nothing overly special, but they are new and that has to mean something. We guess a highlight could be the release of Fool's Gold solely because it's McConaughey'riffic! That said ... we don't see much more. Click that break link and see if you can find some gems among the new Video Marketplace releases.

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Video Marketplace Weekly: Pirates & ninjas edition

One of the greatest rivalries known to man has taken its battle to the U.S. Video Marketplace this week, where each group is fighting, kicking and clawing to the death for XBVM supremacy. We're of course talking about the legendary pirates versus ninjas rivalry where new XBVM release Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest will represent the pirates team and the classic (and free) rental Ninja Hunter will represent team ninja. Who will win? We aren't sure, but whatever the outcome is we all should take comfort in knowing that ninjas are way cooler than those smelly pirates. Ninja kick or pirate peg leg kick towards the break for a complete list of this week's new movie releases. High-yarrr!

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Free XBVM download of ABC's The Middleman

It has been quite a while since U.S. Video Marketplace fanboys have had a chance to download a free television episode without having to complete a website registration. So, with a noticeable gleam of happiness on our face, we present to you a free XBVM download of ABC's The Middleman. We aren't sure how entertaining this "The Pilot Episode Sanction" episode of The Middleman is, but it's free so there really isn't any harm. That is unless you have to remove XBLA games or game demos from your hard drive to make space, then we advise thinking about your downloading actions.

Video Marketplace Weekly: Imagine clover edition

This past week, the U.S. Video Marketplace has been on fire and should put any anti-XBVM fanboy's whining to rest. For at least a week anyway. The reason we say this is because there have been numerous super new and rather enjoyable movie releases to the Marketplace these past seven days, including National Treasure 2, Semi-Pro, South Park Imaginationland and this fanboy's personal favorite, Cloverfield. There's a stellar list of new releases to check out after the break, so get checking and queue up some movie rentals tonight.

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Analyst speculates Netflix's Xbox 360 partnership

One of our favorite analysts, Wedbush Morgan Securities' own Michael Pachter is shoveling coal into the Netflix / Xbox 360 partnership rumor train, speculating that their partnership is real and a deal has already been signed.

Pachter speculates that Netflix has already partnered with Microsoft to offer movie rentals through the Xbox 360 based on comments made by Netflix's management during their recent analyst event. During the conference, Netflix management mentioned interest in "internet-enabled video game consoles" which Pachter believes is not only a hint that Microsoft and Netflix will partner, but that it's actually a good move for both companies. "The competitive advantage of such an alliance is clear: Netflix customers who are Xbox Live members will have the ability to stream online content through their Xbox 360s directly to their televisions" says Pachter. "The ability to do so is available without the Xbox 360, but requires a measure of technological sophistication and a high tolerance for failure." Can you say IN-TER-EST-ING?

Video Marketplace Weekly: There Will Be edition

We've finally gotten our act together and are bringing you this very Friday edition of Video Marketplace Weekly to get you in the mood for a weekend full of lazy XBVM movie rentals. Usually we talk a quick and dirty recap about what new movies became available this past week, but this time there really is no need. There isn't a need because one movie rental is all you should care about. There Will Be Blood. This film is a masterpiece, a Daniel Day Lewis epic and true actor's acting movie that will knock you down only to stand you back up and knock you over once again. There Will Be Blood is a must see. And know that you're getting your downloading money's worth too, because the HD version clocks in at a ginormous 7.2GB in file size, where every MB is worth the wait. Go. Rent. Now.

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Free Bronx Bunny and Standup XBVM downloads

Microsoft and premium cable channel Starz have partnered up and are giving away two free television episodes downloads as well as running a sweepstakes where entrants can win a new Xbox 360, some games or a DVD box set.

United States residents, you can haz a free episode of both "the ultra-offensive" The Bronx Bunny Show and Martin Lawrence Presents: First Amendment Standup by simply heading to StarzOnXbox.com and registering. Once registered, they'll email you redemption codes to use on the Xbox Live Marketplace to score your free television downloads. Also, while registering, be sure to check the box to enter their sweepstakes, because, well ... why not? And we'd like to say thank you to Starz. Thanks for giving us free downloads of television shows we normally wouldn't even consider watching. Zing!

[Via Xbox.com, Thanks HazyCloud]

G4 TV brings their lineup to the XBVM

Microsoft recently announced that G4 TV has added a part of their television lineup to the U.S. Video Marketplace, of which two shows are already available for purchase. G4's animated series Code Monkeys, snowboarding reality show The Block and daily tech news show Attack of the Show (sorry, no X-Play) are all up for purchase for 160 Microsoft points each. Though, for whatever reason, Attack of the Show is currently missing in action. Also, as an introductory promotion, G4 is offering up Code Monkeys' "Dave's Got Boobs" episode for free, so grab the 242MB episode if you're interested.

[Thanks, StLouisRibs7734]

Video Marketplace Weekly: it's Sunday edition

By golly we have another Video Marketplace Weekly first, because today is the first time ever in the Video Marketplace Weekly feature's existence that it is making its debut on a Sunday. Why a Sunday? Well, we could feed you a list of made up excuses, but we think our relationship is at a point where we can be 100% honest with eachother. The reason is very simple ... we forgot. Shame on us! Shame! Shame! Shame! But look on the bright side, you still get a complete and comprehensive list of new U.S. movie releases to the XBVM albeit a day or two late. Enjoy, be happy and maybe rent a new movie release off the Marketplace this lovely Sunday evening.

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