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Deals: Mercenaries 2 for $45, free gift card with 360 and more

As is customary every Sunday, we diligently looked through the Sunday retail ads on the search for Xbox 360 related deals, discounts and offers. So here you go shoppers, enjoy the money savings fruit of our ad searching labor.

Starting off with Best Buy, they're giving away a free RC Centaur tank with Gears of War 2: CE pre-orders (available when game picked up) and Toys R Us has the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith bundle for $79. Over at Circuit City, they're giving away a free $20 game with purchase of an Xbox 360 Elite, are giving out life-size Tony Parker growth charts with NBA Live 09, and they're selling Mercenaries 2 to $45. Finally, Target stores are offering a free $40 gift card with the purchase of NBA Live 09 and an Xbox 360 Pro 60GB. Shop on!

Best Buy Canada: Xbox 360 20GB console $199

Best Buy Canada is having its annual Door Crasher Days and gamers may want to take notice. From October 3 until October 9 the outgoing 20GB Xbox 360 console has been marked down to $199, the same as an Arcade bundle would cost.

The Canada-only promo is available in stores and online and is a perfect pick-up for prospective Xbox 360 owners, that second console (for what reason we don't know) or for those who want to throw the rest away and keep that $200 wireless controller. If that last one is your reasoning then you are what's wrong with the world! We're kdding, but are we? As with most promotions the offer is available while supplies last, so get going!

Deals time: Xbox 360 Pro 60GB for $249, free ship

Through October 6th, is offering a $50 discount on both Pro and Elite Xbox 360 consoles AND they're including free shipping too. To partake in the purchasing process of buying $249 Pros or $349 Elites, simply click on over to and, at the end of checkout, use the promo codes listed below.
  • Xbox 360 Pro 60GB - Promo code: 7V2DJL$PD6NGWZ
  • Xbox 360 Elite 120GB - Promo code: NP?CKPRH$KTWLL
[Via 360-Deals, Thanks Fargo]

Best Buy offers Gears 2 RC tank with limited edition pre-order

Maybe we were wrong about our stance on the insanity regarding pre-ordering games. According to the next week's Best Buy circular the retailer appears to be including a free remote control Centaur Tank with pre-orders of the limited edition for Gears of War 2.

Based on the image the tank appears to be pretty small but the $30 value and collective awesomeness should be a big enough factor for gamers when selecting their retailer of choice. Just a heads up though, the tank will on be distributed until November 7 -- the day the game ships.

[via Kotaku]

Live Vision bundle clearance priced to $49

If you're in the market for a 12 month Xbox Live subscription, then we recommend searching retailers for the Xbox Live Vision bundle because it has been clearance priced to $49 from its original $79 price tag.

The bundle - which comes with 12 months of Xbox Live, Vision camera, wired headset, two XBLA games and 200 Microsoft points - has been spotted at retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City and Gamestop at a low clearance price of $49. We can only speculate that the savings is due to the bundle being discontinued thanks to a newer, hipper and snazzier Live chatpad / PGR4 bundle. May the savings-force be with you!

[Via Slickdeals]

Sun. deals: Gift cards with Pure, Silent Hill and more

Here we go again, a weekly gaming deals roundup thanks to X3F. We search for 360 deals, because we like saving money and because we care about your bank account. So, let's do this.

This week at Best Buy, you can grab a free $10 gift card with the purchase of Pure and a free Silent Hill DVD with purchase of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Target has CoD4, Battlefield: Bad Company, and LEGO Indiana Jones for $39. Our retailer friends over at Circuit City are giving out free Pyramid keychains with Silent Hill: Homecoming, free $10 gift cards with both Pure and Baja: Edge of Control, Rock Band bundles for $139, and they have wireless controllers for $5 off. And the bonus deal this week is over at Circuit City where, with the purchase of either Rock Band, Ninja Gaiden II, Tiger Woods 09 or Madden 09, you can score a free $20 gift card. W00t to that.

Weekly Deals: Software savings across the US of A

Looking for a few new titles to add to the collection? Various savings are sweeping the nation for a handful of random titles. Circuit City has slashed $20 off Unreal Tournament III to $39.99. Fry's has taken a few dollars off recent releases Pure and Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway both priced at $52.99. Best Buy is offering a $15 savings on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith which is down to $84.99 and now sells Hail to the Chimp for $19.99. Online shoppers looking for a deal and an Xbox 360 might want to check out Amazon who is bundling LEGO Batman with the Xbox 360 Arcade console for $199. Nothing too earth-shattering but a few bucks off couldn't hurt if you're pining for more titles to own.

Best Buy Canada bundles war with Xbox 360

While not nearly as exciting as last week's Xbo 360 bundle at Canadian retailer FutureShop, Best Buy Canada has seen fit to throw two popular shooters at you with the purchase of an Arcade console. Priced at $199 the Xbox 360 Arcade console now includes Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and the original Rainbow Six Vegas.

Already have an Xbox 360? Why not pick-up a 12-month subscription card for Xbox Live for $49.99, a tremendous savings of $10! Hey, that $10 is another Arcade game on top of the five included in the box ... don't complain!

Amazon showers 1600MS points upon Rock Band 2 buyers

In what could be described as the awesomest (it's a word, believe) promotion Rock Band 2 related, Amazon is offering a free 1600MS point card with the purchase of the rhythm title. Those who purchase the standalone software will also be treated to a free points card which could be used to purchase even more "Rock."

The offer is available until October 4 but Amazon warns the promotion is only kicking around until supplies last. Make sure to take them up on the offer if you were a Rock Band 2 fence-sitter when it shipped last week. Jump to the rocking side, already! It's the fun side with long hair and leather pants.

[Thanks, Lightsout565]

FutureShop: Force Unleashed, Gears free with Xbox 360

Canadian retailer FutureShop has bundled a pair of titles, valued at $99, with every purchase of an Arcade or 60GB Xbox 360 console. For a limited time Gears of War and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be included with each console purchase. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the key title included in this bundle as it has just been released and is receiving mostly positive buzz.

Buyers note that the version of Gears of War included in the bundle appears to be the original version and not the recently released special edition which includes new multiplayer maps among other treats.

UK deal: Gears 2 and replica gold lancer for £129

Not to be confused with the Gears of War 2 in-game gold plated Lancer, UK retailer gamestation is offering diehard fans the chance to own a replica gold painted Gears Lancer. The same toy Lancer that's available exclusively on, but with a fancy gold paint scheme. If you're interested in owning one of these bundles, you better start saving up already. The Gears of War 2 gold plated Lancer bundle (collector's edition plus Lancer) will set you back a hefty £129. But it's worth every penny and we hear gold prices are on the rise. That's a joke.

[Thanks, Webster1990]

Weekly Deals: Gears PC $15 and free tees galore

Update: Toys R Us has their own Force Unleashed offer, giving away a $20 gift card with an in-store purchase of the game. (Thanks Jonathan)

We're trying something different this week with our analysis of the week's best gaming deals. We're going to present them in one, long, run-on sentence that may or may not be readable. So, here we go ...

There's a free t-shirt with a Force Unleashed purchase at Best Buy and over at Circuit City they have a free t-shirt and $5 gift card with Force Unleashed, free t-shirt with Rock Band 2, 10% off all Rock Band accessories, Gears PC for $15, $5 off a 12-month Xbox Live subscription, and $10 off a wireless adapter which, again, are ALL deals at Circuit City with absolutely nothing going on at Target this week. PHEW! Deep breath and now it's time to pass out on the kitchen floor.

Deals: Free MS points with 360 purchase, $15 games and more

It's time to page through the weekly retail adds to uncover a few special Xbox 360 deals. And just in case you forgot, all Xbox 360 consoles have seen a price cut where Arcades are $199, 60GB Pros are $299 and 120GB Elites are $399. If you're going to take advantage of the new price cut, we advise heading over to Circuit City where they'll toss in a free 1600 Microsoft point card with any console purchase. They're also selling GRAW2, Saints Row and Dead Rising for $15 and giving away a free tshirt and $10 gift card with the purchase of Force Unleashed. Sadly, neither Best Buy or Target have any 360 deals worth mentioning. Then again, who needs 'em anyway? Happy spending!

Free $60 Amazon gift card with Elite 360 purchase

As if a $259 Xbox 360 20GB console wasn't a good enough deal for you, take a look at what is offering those who want to purchase a newly price reduced $399 Xbox 360 Elite.

For a limited time (exact offer dates aren't given), is giving Xbox 360 Elite purchasers a free $60 gift card that's promised to be emailed before September 30th. And, as always, purchases over $25 on receive free shipping. Enjoy!

[Thanks, shuref00t]

Retailers clearance price 20GB Xbox 360s

With Microsoft's official confirmation of the Xbox 360 price cuts that puts Arcades at $199, 60GB Pros at $299 and 120GB Elites at $399, it looks like retailers are moving quickly to get the old Xbox 360 20GB models off their shelves by resorting to some old fashioned clearance pricing.

The recently discounted to $299 20GB Xbox 360 models are now showing up at retailers across North America at even lower price points due to the fact that the 60GB model also dropped its price to $299. Essentially making the 20GB a bad deal. As a result, Best Buy and are currently selling the 20GB 360 model for $259 while Futureshop in Canada has discounted the 20GB model to $199 and is bundling it with Gears of War and DOA: Xtreme 2. Happy shopping!

[Thanks CHINAdeals and Xandet]

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