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Sequel time! Lost Planet: Colonies discovered

Thanks to the USK German video games ratings board (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle or USK) we may have un-earthed proof that Capcom's Lost Planet franchise is not dead.

Xbox-Archiv stumbled across an entry for a game called Lost Planet Colonies over on the USK website that was reviewed this past July today. Instantly, thoughts of a Lost Planet bug splattering sequel raced in our heads when we heard the news and after visiting the USK site, we were pleasantly surprised. The Lost Planet Colonies entry lists the game to be a third person shooter (yes!) and solely on the Xbox 360 (double yes!) Adding more proof to the Lost Planet sequel fire is the fact that the game is published by CEG Interactive Entertainment, a German subsidiary of (you guessed it) Capcom. We've heard lots of whispers of a Lost Planet sequel this year, but nothing has surfaced to be this concrete. Here's to Lost Planet Colonies becoming a reality and being an amazing sequel.

[Via Xbox-Archiv]

Lost Planet network fix coming Thursday

Capcom recently announced that a new title update will be released this Thursday, August 30th for Lost Planet aimed at fixing the game's multiplayer network. The update will implement a new "connection types" category when creating a game, allowing players to see and choose which games are most compatible with their connection. The three connection options including "Default" which is the standard type regardless of upload speed, "Pattern A" which would be used by players who have a high upload speed, and "Pattern B" which would be selected if a players' upload speed is rather slow.

Now, we're not claiming to be Lost Planet multiplayer mavens here, but it seems that Capcom's answer to connection issues being a new user-input search option for connection types seems a little ... erm, not so technical. But maybe that's all that is necessary, who are we to judge the update before we try it out. Anyhoo, happy fragging come Thursday!

Third Lost Planet map pack is now free

Just as we foretold last week, the third Lost Planet map pack just got a huge price drop and became free this morning. The 232MB Map Pack #3 bundles together the three maps Ruins, Ice Drop, and Lost Technology and originally was available for 400 Microsoft points. But now the content is available to our PC Lost Planet friends for free, so in turn Xbox 360 Lost Planet owners are getting the content free today too. Scurry along now, go get your Map Pack #3 fix ... for the free!

Lost Planet's Map Pack #3 to be free

Continuing the conversion from paid map packs to free ones Capcom has announced that Lost Planet's Map Pack #3 will become a free download starting Thursday, August 16th. We're pretty sure Map Pack #3 becoming free content is due to the fact that its PC counterpart will be offering the maps for free, just like what was done with Map Packs #1 and #2. So, you ask, what maps are included? Well, Map Pack #3 features three maps; the jungle inspired Ruins, the frigid Ice Drop and our favorite pixelated wonder Lost Technology. So, if you've been in the market for some Lost Planet DLC lately and were thinking about picking up Map Pack #3, just hold off until next Thursday when everyone will be treated to some free map fun.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Lost Planet Map Packs free starting Friday

Capcom just announced that starting this Friday, July 20th, both Lost Planet Map Packs #1 and #2 will be available on the Marketplace for free due to PC users getting free access to them. These four maps together previously retailed for 800 Microsoft points in total and include maps Radar Field, Island 902, Hive Complex and Trial Point. But be sure to note that Map Pack #3 is not part of this free offer and will still cost you 400 Microsoft points. Capcom also announced that an auto update should be released sometime this month to fix the multiplayer connectivity issues. Enjoy your newly free maps and be a little jealous that you can't have the PC exclusive Mega Man skin.

[Via Major Nelson]

Get it while it's hot! Lost Planet Map Pack #3

The third downloadable map pack for Lost Planet cooked its way onto the Marketplace this morning and is awaiting your consumption. Map Pack #3 will cost you 400 Microsoft points and includes three new multiplayer maps including Ice Drop, Ruins, and the 8-bit inspired Lost Technology. Be sure to take a look at the preview videos we posted last week as well as a few screenshots from the new maps featured in the gallery below. So fellow Lost Planet fans, will you be buying this new map pack-o-fun or have you moved onto other online multiplayer games?

Gallery: Lost Planet Map Pack #3

Three new Lost Planet maps drop next week

Capcom just announced a third map pack for Lost Planet today featuring three spiffy new maps. Map Pack #3 will be available for download off the Marketplace next Thursday, June 21st costing a mere 400 Microsoft points and will include the three maps Ice Drop, Ruins, and Lost Technology. Those are the details, now onto the media! Check out the Lost Planet Map Pack #3 gallery below featuring screenshots from the new maps as well as fly through videos embedded after the break. And what's up with the Lost Technology map? It's so 8-bit, it's very LEGO'esque, and is crazy in a fun over the top kind of way. Take a look and judge it yourself.

Gallery: Lost Planet Map Pack #3

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Japan shuns Lost Planet and Dead Rising

As part of their 2006 fiscal year reporting, Capcom released sales numbers that prove that Japan hasn't been feeling Lost Planet or Dead Rising. According to their numbers, both games sold pretty well in North America and Europe, Dead Rising selling 730,000 and Lost Planet selling 810,000 copies in North America alone. But Japan is another story all together as both games have yet to sell even 100,000 copies, which makes up for less than 10% of each games' total sales. We understand that both Lost Planet and Dead Rising were geared towards Western audiences, so less than fantastic Japanese sales were a given. But we didn't think Japanese gamers would avoid these gems like the black plague. Don't worry though, Lost Planet or Dead Rising, we still love you and you can crash on our couch anytime you want.

Lost Planet's Battlefield will be free for download

Yesterday, Capcom sent word that the Lost Planet multiplayer map Battlefield will be available for free on the XBLM this coming Thursday, June 7th. The Battlefield map was previously available exclusively to those who paid an extra $10 and got the Lost Planet collector's edition, but this Thursday the exclusive Battlefield club will be no more. Anyone actively playing Lost Planet multiplayer and welcoming Battlefield with open arms and a bright smile?

[Via Joystiq, Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Fresh from the oven, new Lost Planet maps

As reported on Monday, the new Lost Planet map pack #2 just hit the XBLM today offering two new multiplayer maps to enjoy. For 400 Microsoft Points you'll get both "Hive Complex" (featured in the video above) and "Trial Point" (video after the break) to wage war on with your friends and foes.

Has anyone been pondering this purchase since Monday and going to just give into buying it? You know, if we had Lost Planet we'd totally buy the new maps for ourselves, our friends, and our neighbors. But we're cool like that.

[Thanks, Ric Metz]

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Lost Planet map pack #2 coming Friday

Capcom just announced that we'll be seeing more Lost Planet multiplayer map love this week. On Friday, April 6th Lost Planet's map pack #2 will be released to the XBLM featuring two new maps and will set you back 400 Microsoft Points just like it's old brother map pack #1. The two new maps are called "Hive Complex", which is set in an abandoned mine, and "Trial Point" set in a futuristic business complex. Preview videos of the new maps are available after the jump. Has anyone purchased the previous map pack and came away satisfied? If so, are you thinking about purchasing these two new multiplayer maps for more frigid fun?

Dead Rising and Lost Planet staying exclusive

Capcom's director of strategic planning Christian Svensson commented on their official forums to whether or not Dead Rising or Lost Planet would be appearing on the PS3 or Wii in the future. Bluntly put, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Svensson says that both games are "not slated to appear on Wii or PS3 as far as current plans go" going on to say that he is "bound by NDAs on these matters so I can't divulge why this is the situation". We guess that with the Playstation 3 losing exclusives left and right, it's fair to question whether any of our previously thought Xbox 360 exclusives may be headed for multi-platform. But, in this case, we're happy to report that both Dead Rising and Lost Planet are pretty much locked up to stay 360 exclusives for the long haul.

[Via Joystiq]

New Lost Planet multiplayer maps released

Fresh from the developer oven arrives two new Lost Planet multiplayer maps for download off of the XBLM. The multiplayer map pack #1 will include the two new maps "Radar Field" and "Island 902" and will set you back 400 Microsoft Points. So, according to our sixth grade math skills, that works out to be around $2.50 per multiplayer map. Are you willing to pay over $2 for a multiplayer map or does that just seem a tad ridiculous? It's kind of a hard pill to swallow since we received two free maps for Gears a few months ago ... although it was sponsored by the Discovery Channel. No matter, anyone feeling the squeeze of the corporate machine on this purchase?

Lost Planet Auto-Update Details

Yesterday, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition got a multiplayer auto update. The first thing it did was add some features, such as seeing a player's national flag in the lobby, pre-game and post-game results. It also shows who's talking in-game and in the lobby with a ")))" to the left of their gamertag in team-based games. Finally, in the lobby, your connection strength to a player is signified by a "!", and the brighter it is, the better your connection. The other set of fixes were to bugs found in the game, due to lag, as well as a few exploits. For full details on what to expect next time you log on, click the "Read" link. So do the fixes to the gameplay make you want to put some more time into Lost Planet's multiplayer?

Oh, and one more thing...

Brian Dunn says that the downloadable maps should be available March 9th or in close to that date.

[Thanks, AoE]

Capcom on Lost Planet, marketing, community

Charles Bellfield, Vice President of Marketing at Capcom, USA recently sat down with Gamasutra to discuss Capcom's recent changes in marketing strategy, and its overall direction for the future. Speaking specifically about Lost Planet, Bellfield notes that Capcom's marketing strategy was to involve the community from the beginning. In particular, several changes were made to Lost Planet after Capcom received feedback about the two Lost Planet demos that were available on Marketplace. Further adding to the Lost Planet community, Capcom made fansite kits available, even naming the three best Lost Planet fansites and including them in the manual of the game. Bellfield notes the important distinction between fostering community and falsely creating one (in reference to the "All I want for Christmas is a PSP" fiasco). We have to hand it to Capcom, they did a good job marketing Lost Planet and keeping the online community informed.

Overall, the interview is a good read, especially for those interested in the business side of the game industry. Hit the "read" link for more.

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