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Soltrio Solitaire DLC flies under radar

New game content is available for the Xbox Live Arcade card game, Soltrio Solitaire. It adds 10 new game modes for the low price of 150 MS Points. Considering the game started out with 18 modes of play at 800 Microsoft Points, that's a pretty dang good price. Then again, you have to remember that it is Solitaire, which may not exactly be up your alley. Either way, the content is there and reasonably priced if you're interested.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage trailer flies under radar

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage also has a trailer that's on Marketplace that hasn't been mentioned elsewhere. It's 75 MB and does a much better job of conveying both what the game will actually look like, and the gameplay found within. It starts off with the same footage as the teaser, then goes on to show a bunch of racing, environments, and destruction. We'll do our best to ignore the crashbreaker at the end, because this trailer actually does its job of getting us interested in a game while showing real footage. Give it a look and tell us what you think.

Juiced 2 teaser trailer drifts onto Marketplace

A teaser trailer for Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights is available in both High and Standard definition on XBLM. It's short and sweet, considering they're 35 and 7 MB in size, respectively. Upon watching the FMV teaser, our initial response was uncontrollable laughter. The trailer seems to highlight some of the street racing "subculture", and features not one, but two gratuitous shots of a girl in a tight tank top and bikini bottom. Give it a watch, because at the very least it will give you a chuckle.

New Maps for Monster Madness

Xbox Live Marketplace has two new multiplayer maps available for Monster Madness, both costing 200 Microsoft points individually. The first is a 4v4 Capture the Flag level called Zack's House, and is a close quarters indoor map. The second map is called High School and is fit for 16 players, and has opportunities for vehicular combat outside, with close quarters action inside. Does this float anyone's boat, and do you think the 200 MS points is a fair price for each map?

Overlord demo rules Marketplace

After a bunch of demos hit Marketplace over the last three days (some more important than others), new ones still keep showing up. Today's offering so far is Overlord, which recently had a few videos pop up on the intertubes, and follows through on our plea. You may want to watch those before committing the 891.78 MB of space for the content, although some of you may already be convinced. So, are you enjoying this influx of interactive content, or do you not have the time to play these demos anyway?

Vampire Rain demo available in Canada & Mexico, not U.S.

The Vampire Rain demo was first released in Japan on Tuesday, and we suspected that it would become available in North America shortly thereafter. Well, we were right and today it is, but unfortunately for some (or rather, most), it's only available in two thirds of this continent. While being available in Mexico and Canada, as well as portions of Europe, Asia, and Australia, the demo is not on Marketplace in the US. Quite frankly this is quite odd, and we hope the rest of you get your hands on it sooner rather than later. We guess we can get you "exclusive" hands on impressions later today, if we aren't too busy.

Shadowrun demo IS available! You just need to look. [update 1]

Update: Whoo! That was close. Shadowrun now appears under "New Arrivals" .

Silly Microsoft. The Shadowrun demo IS available for download off Marketplace right now. It weighs in at about 1.07 GB, which is similar to the beta's size, and can be found under "all Game Demos". It's got the "New" tag when selected, but for whatever reason, has been neglected to be added to the "New Arrivals" section, which has a couple more pieces of content we're in the process of reporting on. Scroll down and get it now!

As such, our offer still stands: Add this gamertag to your friends list, and we'll play with you and show you why the FPS deserves the attention it's been getting from us.

Shadowrun demo coming tomorrow

It looks like promises made to Mitch Gitelman will have to wait another day, as the Shadowrun demo is going to be hitting Marketplace tomorrow at 2:00 AM PDT, instead of today, as originally planned. Kimona from the game's official forums updated her demo FAQ thread with the new date and time information, which still gives everyone the down low on what will be available in the download.

Fanboys, we entreat you, please play the demo and give this unique first person shooter the chance it deserves. Heck, we'll sweeten the deal: Anyone sitting on the fence who needs proper convincing can call upon our resident Shadowrun aficionado to play with them and show the appropriate ropes. To make things even easier, we have a special gamertag available with an empty friends list, so add it to your own for some Power Station fun tomorrow.

Burnout Paradise's Teaser collides with Marketplace

The beautiful, serene, and surprisingly crashless teaser trailer for Burnout Paradise is now available in glorious High Definition on Xbox Live Marketplace. While some of you readers complained that the lack of destruction didn't really do anything for you, the focal point was the city that will be literally at your disposal in the new gen aggressive racer. The trailer weighs in at 36.23 MB, which sounds about right for 60-ish seconds of content. Does it look like the new hawtness compared to the YouTube version we showed you before?

Shadowrun Demo coming June 6th

FASA has given word on when we can expect the Shadowrun demo to hit Xbox Live Marketplace. As a means to give gamers with Halo 3 Beta withdrawal a quick fix, it will go live on June 6th. It will feature Power Station, and the gametype Raid, with Humans and Elves. It also won't have a time restriction for play, so you may frag to your heart's content, and it doesn't have an announced expiration at the moment. Full breakdown of what's in the demo after the break.

Continue reading Shadowrun Demo coming June 6th

Pirates of the Carribean demo hits shores

The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End demo has arrived on Marketplace, which is a good thing. The weird thing is the regions that it is available in, or more specifically, not available in. It's listed as available in all Xbox regions except the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Asia. So no go for North America, which is a little odd, considering the movie and its game are being made by American companies. So, Europe and other regions that don't fall into that category, can you play that first tutorial level and tell us how the game looks and feels?

Crackdown packs on Marketplace now

The Crackdown "Free-For-All Pack" and "Getting Busy Bonus Pack" are both now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Complete with fresh Achievements, you can have a jolly ole time with the new equipment, game modes, and vehicles. So, honestly, if you've taken a look at our videos on the content, what are you still doing here? Apparently you feel the price is right, right?

Homecourt content double dunks into Marketplace, 1/3 of it free

Major Nelson brings us word of 3 pieces of downloadable content for NBA Street Homecourt available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Fortunately for you, 33.333% of it is free of charge. The pro bono publico piece is "Melo's Cloverdale", and for 300 Microsoft Points a piece you can get the new "Perkins Park" court, or the "Street Legends & Brand Jordan Apparel" character/outfit pack. Of the premium content, do either of these suit your fancy, or are you ... content?

SHReK the Third demo now widely available

A month ago we posted about a SHReK the Third demo that hit Marketplace, at least for Canada, the U.K., U.S., Sweden, and Australia. Even so, we never got around to our Xbox 360 Fanblogger duty of actually downloading and playing said demo. But perhaps Xbox Live members from the regions of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain can see the fault in our ways and enjoy the demo themselves. Wherever you are, have you played this demo yet?

Video: Call of Duty 4 3D screenshot

Infinity Ward released a cool 3D screenshot from Call of Duty 4, similar to what Bungie did for Halo 2 all those years ago. This one depicts some soldiers deploying from a helicopter into the battlefield below. The High Definition torrent for the Quicktime VR file can be found at Xboxyde and is definitely worth the look, along with some screen captures of the scene taken from multiple angles. So what do you think of the lighting, models, etc? Do you think modern combat is a step in the right direction for the Call of Duty series?

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