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BioShock movie rumblings bubble to surface

According to an inside source speaking to Joystiq, it looks like BioShock is being added to the ever growing list of games being adapted into films. The film is being considered by a major Hollywood studio and it is believed that said studio will utilize green screen techniques similar to those found in 300. In other words, expect a lot of computer generated underwater dystopia. Honestly, the story is fitting enough for a film adaptation, though we imagine a title change and a bit of fleshing out is in order. The environment though, is something that should not be touched. If there's one thing that should not be molested during BioShock's supposed transition to the big screen, it's the dilapidated yet beautiful world of Rapture.

Gallery: BioShock

Gallery: Bioshock Big Daddy Figurine

Rumor: Rapture will fall in BioShock prequel

Over the weekend, Czech gaming website claimed that their 2K insider told them that a sequel to BioShock is already in pre-production by an unnamed 2K studio (2K Czech?) and is on track to release Summer 2009. Which isn't all that surprising seeing that BioShock has earned like, what, 328 GOTY awards. But that isn't all. then claimed that the BioShock sequel isn't really a sequel per say and will instead be a prequel with a storyline based on events that occur prior to Rapture's eventual fall. This would allow players to experience the glamorous life of Rapture prior to everyone going crazy.

So what does 2K Games have to say about this latest BioShock prequel rumor? Well, not too much. In a response to, a 2K spokesperson told them that they have "nothing to announce at all" which sounds eerily similar to Microsoft's stance on rumors. We'll just have to wait a bit longer for official details (or more concrete rumors), but we'll be the first to raise our hand and tell 2K that a BioShock prequel not only sounds interesting, but is pretty much the only place you can take the story. Bring it on!

[Via Joystiq]

Read -'s BioShock prequel rumor
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2K is still shipping out Big Daddy replacements

Elizabeth from 2K Boston popped in the 2K forums to update everyone on the Big Daddy replacement saga which sadly continues into 2008. Elizabeth mentions that the replacement Big Daddy figures have started shipping (that's good, seeing that they should have back in November) but not everyone's has been sent off yet. They're still carefully packing each Big Daddy figure, affixing address labels and having Mr. UPS man come pick them up. So, if you haven't received your replacement Big Daddy figurine yet, we'd expect it to arrive within' a week or so (like we haven't heard that before). And be warned 2K. With these shipment delays coupled with an overall feeling of being dragged along, we better not receive a replacement that has its drill tip broken. If so, there will be hell to pay. End angry rant.

[Thanks, HaVoC]

BioShock and Portal grocery cart warnings

The photoshop mavericks over at Something Awful based last week's picture alterations on a shopping cart safety warning sign. You know, those little warning "seats" that you place kids in and they tell you what not to do while using them? Yeah, those ones. Anyhoo, one example of some great photoshopping is the Portal themed one you see above in all its cake glory. There's another Portal one after the break jump and even a BioShock themed one too. All are great photoshops and are based on themes that made us laugh. And before you ask (because we know you will), we say yes. Yes we would shop at a store that had these seats in their carts even if they were that nastified and dirty. That's just how we roll.

Download free HD BioShock strategy guides

There's a little treat for BioShock fanboys on the XBLM right now (if you can even get online) and it's strategic-er-ific! BradyGames just released six BioShock strategy guide videos to the Marketplace yesterday and they aim to show players where all the audio diaries are located. And good news, they're actually free! Yup, unlike BradyGames' horribly overpriced Gears of War COG location videos, these BioShock videos are free and in HD. True, this content could have been more helpful a few months ago, but it's a step in the right direction so we support BradyGames and their free content. And you should too. Give the free guides a download, find those diaries and unlock that "Historian" achievement. Because we all know you aren't getting "Brass Balls".

BioShock scares up GOTY honor from AP

BioShock, BioShock, BioShock ... you successful little monster you. The Associated Press just came out with their annual best and worst video game honors and lo and behold, you've taken the top title as their game of the year. Halo 3, Rock Band or The Orange Box couldn't take your GOTY title, instead they had to settle for "Most Overrated Game", "Best Game That Involves Getting Off the Sofa" and "Best Deal" awards. You have proven yourself to be this year's diamond BioShock, this year's crowning achievement in video game storytelling, immersion and appeal that the industry needs. And you've been rewarded. Congratulations.

[Via The Cult of Rapture]

BioShock gets update and new plasmid DLC

Hey, hey! The BioShock update and downloadable content that was announced a few days back has just been released early this morning making your Rapture experience all the better. BioShock's Cult of Rapture outlined what's included in the title update which includes a widescreen FOV fix, various bug squashes and a solution to the nasty caching problem. They also confirmed that the free DLC includes a disable Vita Chambers option, a 100 point "Brass Balls" achievement and four brand new plasmids (Machine Buster 1 & 2, Vending Expert 1 & 2, Sonic Boom 1 & 2 and EVE Saver). Pop in BioShock, get your update, download the DLC and re-visit Rapture with your new sonic booming abilities. Boom, boom!

[Thanks, dave]

BioShock update and free DLC coming next week

The world of Rapture will be seeing an enhancement sometime next week with the release of a BioShock title update and some free downloadable content. The Cult of Rapture announced the the release of the new BioShock content, but has been rather mum about what's going to be fixed via the update or what free goods will be included in the DLC. Though, we have some sort of an idea of what's headed our way, because Elizabeth from the Cult of Rapture confirmed with IGN that the new goodness will include a fix to the widescreen field of view as well as some new plasmids. There you have it kids, some newly new BioShock newness is incoming.

2K gives us a BioShock figurine replacement update

If you signed up for 2K Games' Big Daddy figurine replacement program, then listen up, because (unlike our mini-update) we have super concrete details straight from 2K regarding your replacement figure.

In an email sent out to those who registered to get their broken Big Daddy fixed, 2K says that production of the figures took longer than expected and was the cause of the months and months of delays in the replacement program. But, good news is that "in order to speed things up, 2K Games is eliminating the step in which you are required to return the broken figurine". You read correctly, you'll be able to keep your already broken figurine AND get another not-so-broken one shipped to you. Nice move 2K, nice move. The email also confirms that, in the next two weeks, they'll be shipping out the replacement figurines and promised art book to those who signed up for the program before November 12th. 2K's update email can be read in its entirety after the break.

[Thanks, dubbalubagis]

Continue reading 2K gives us a BioShock figurine replacement update

Buy BioShock and get The Darkness FREE!

There's a lot of gaming deals this week, but we thought we'd point you in the direction of an offer that's not-so Assassin's Creed. Right now, is offering BioShock for the nice price of $49 AND is throwing in The Darkness for FREE! Top the offer off with free shipping and (possibly) no tax and you've got a deal worth mentioning. You're welcome fanboys and stay tuned, because we've got Black Friday deals to sift through. Let the deals rain down!

[Thanks, Messier75]

BioShock's new (and secret) achievement

Making a surprise landing on's achievement tracking list is a brand new and totally unexpected BioShock achievement. The achievement is the 51st listed, worth a whopping 100 Gamerscore and is one of those dirty "Secret" achievements, so nobody is quite sure what must be done to unlock it. Is it based on gameplay already available in BioShock or is it a direct hint at other tasks that'll be available in some yet to be released DLC? We're not sure, but we're crossing our fingers in hopes of some new DLC in the next few days to go along with our spiffy new achievement.

[Thanks, xenocidic]

Big Daddy figurine replacement (mini) update

Way back in August, 2K Games announced a Big Daddy figurine replacement program for those who purchased the collector's edition of BioShock and received a broken figurine. Days, weeks and even months have passed and we still haven't heard about any replacment figures or pre-paid return boxes being shipped or arriving at gamers' doorsteps. So, being all reportor-like, we shot out an email and received a mini-update on the status of the replacement program.

According to a 2K Games rep, the replacement program is still "go" and those who received a broken figurine will get a replacement soon enough. The hold up is due to the production of new, replacement figures as 2K wants to make sure they have the figures on hand before they move ahead with any other steps. We were told to keep an eye on The Cult of Rapture website in the months ahead for more updates and to learn when the return boxes get shipped.

In recap, the replacement Big Daddys are on their way, they're (still) being manufactured, 2K Games will update the community when boxes are being shipped and we all must be super patient. Though, being patient is hard when every day you see your Bubbles suffering with a broken drill bit.

Best Halloween costume ever: Daddy Daughter BioShock

BioShock is not exactly a family game, but that's not keeping it from bringing families together. Take a look at this father / daughter Halloween costume in the video above. You guessed it, they are dressed as none other than the infamous Big Daddy and Little Sister. We have to compliment this pair on their dedication. Honestly, it's so cute, it almost makes you regret harvesting all those poor little children for their genetic gold. Almost.

Try to watch it without cracking a smile. We dare you.

BioShock, Crackdown win big at BAFTA

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has announced the official winners of its Video Games Awards and the Xbox 360 has a few awards to stick on its mantle. While Wii Sports managed to take home a staggering six of the thirteen awards, it was BioShock that walked away with the coveted Game of the Year. Crackdown also managed to snag 2 awards, one for Best Action and Adventure and one for Best use of audio. We're willing to bet that this isn't he only game of the year award BioShock is likely to earn by year's end, but the award given to Crackdown was unexpected (though certainly not unwarranted). We're sure the folks at Real Time Worlds are mighty pleased. Check out the full list of awards after the break.

Continue reading BioShock, Crackdown win big at BAFTA

Big Daddy wants you to win new speakers

Let's be honest, your current gaming audio setup is wretched bad, old and sounds like a vinyl record. Don't be embarrassed though, sometimes choosing to eat or pay rent is more important than getting a fancy new surround sound rig. It's all about priorities. But that's why there are online giveaways, giveaways where you can win speakers and make a Big Daddy proud.

The guys over at The Cult of Rapture are hosting a BioShock giveaway where they'll be awarding one lucky winner a set of NHT surround sound speakers that will make your ears sing with happiness. That is if ears could sing ... but that's besides the point. The giveaway is open from now through December 18th and all you have to do to enter is visit this webpage, fill out the forms and press submit (cross your fingers too). So go and get your entry on and maybe, just maybe, when December comes you'll have a brand new set of NHT speakers sitting on your doorstep. Now that'd be a Christmas surprise we wouldn't mind.

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