Know what was HOT in Hollywood this year?

Dustin Burg
Minnesota -

A well thought out and semi-witty biography will be posted here soon'ish. You know how busy things can get, sometimes biography writing just isn't all that important on the daily list of duties to be completed. But fear not fellow fanboys, because you can always hit me up on Xbox Live: SuperDunners.

I'll see you online and be sure to have a great day of gaming every day and dish out the pwnage too. Game on!

Fanboys unite to bring Goldeneye 007 to the XBLA

A few days back we reported on the rumor that an Xbox Live Arcade remake of the N64 Goldeneye 007 was in development by Rare and since then, we've learned the truth. Or what we think to be the truth.

1UP reports that the XBLA version of Goldeneye was in development by Rare for two solid months before the project got shelved. Shelved, because Microsoft and Nintendo couldn't agree on financials, profit sharing and all the grown-up business stuff that's involved. As a result of the shelving, the Goldeneye and XBLA communities have united over at Goldeneye XBL in an effort to bring attention to the drama at hand by sending out emails and doing some old fashioned petition signing. Again, we can't be 100% certain that the Goldeneye / Microsoft / Nintendo drama is based on fact, but if you choose to believe and Goldeneye on the XBLA is important to you, then by all means get active. Unite!

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Assassin's for $38, Hawk for $39 & secret deals too

Post-holidays can be a real downer for video game deal finders. It's almost as if major retailers don't even try to lure us into their stores with flashy deals or "wow!" offers after the holidays pass. So, this week, we've got a few deals to share with you, but nothing that'll make you scream with joy. Sorry.

This week Target is only offering one video game related deal and it's our good friend Assassin's Creed for a pretty fine $38. Heading over to Best Buy, you'll find Tony Hawk's Proving Ground for $39 and Spider-Man: Friend or Foe for $29. Our final stop on our whirlwind tour of Sunday deal searching is Circuit City. And they don't have anything other than possibly MX vs ATV Untamed for $49. Though, that deal is a yawn fest. But we didn't give up on old Circuit City as we had a hunch that they were hiding something. We were right.

Circuit City is holding a 3-Day Mega Sale, which are online only deals good through Tuesday that are much better than their Sunday ad. Deals like Soldier of Fortune for $39, Stuntman: Ignition for $29, Beowolf for $19, the HD DVD player for $159 and (our favorite deal) the Chatpad included Messenger Kit for $19. Sneaky Circuit City, always keeping their cards held close. Happy shopping!

Master Chief Transformer, maximize!

We can think of nothing more enjoyable than the sheer awesomeness of Halo 3 and everyone's favorite Spartan, Master Chief. Then again, we can also think of nothing better than our childhood memories of transforming and playing with our old-school Transformers toys. And now we can have both.

Friendly eBay seller digitalworld40 skillfully crafted a custom transforming toy that blends our obsessive love of everything Master Chief with our nostalgic addiction of Transformers into one toy. Meet the Master Chief Transformer! This custom toy is an APC 117 Transformer who is artfully decorated to look like Master Chief when "maximized". Do we love it? Yes. Do we want it? Yes. Can we have it? Eh, probably not. The $200 price tag would force us to eat nothing but Macaroni & Cheese for the entire month of February. Then again, Mac & Cheese isn't all that bad ...

[Thanks, grigdog]

Bungie's Halo 3 Q&A: Life, new maps and armor

Last night's newly posted Bungie Weekly Update features talk of mis-communication and the new McFarlane figures, but most importantly they answered a bunch of Halo 3 community questions. How nice of them.

In their "FAQ ATTACK!", team Bungie took on the community's hardest hitting questions including the gems "Which is Bungie's favorite – Badgers or Raccoons?" and "Why won't you guys accept my Friend Requests?!" Not only are those answered, but the auto-update is discussed, Standoff Easter Eggs get clarification, matchmaking hopper changes are pondered and we get confirmation there there will be water in the upcoming Halo 3 maps. We're not worthy! Get your second January dose of Bungie Weekly Update goodness after the jump, before you get a case of the shakes and black out.

Video: Babies explode in latest Bloodshot trailer

A new Condemned 2: Bloodshot trailer just got posted over at Gamespot and after giving it a watch, we're quite impressed.

The new trailer gives us a brief look at our down on his luck hero Ethan who is battling the bottle, reality and some twisted stuff that's going on. We also get to see one of the newest "weapons" we'll get to wield in Bloodshot and it's an exploding baby doll ... serious. Just give the two minute trailer a watch as we're sure you just got over your nightmares that the original Condemned gave you. Now, with Bloodshot, you'll have an all new hellish experience that'll be sure to make you stay up at night, with a bottle of scotch by your bedside.

[Thanks, terrence]

Football Manager 2008 manages a March release

Today, SEGA announced that Football Manager 2008 (Soccer Manager for those in the States, ha!) will be kicking its way to the Xbox 360 platform this Spring on March 28th. For those in the know, Football Manager 2008 has already made a release to the PC last October and has since garnered a rather decent 86 Metacritic score. So, we suspect the 360 version to be just as entertaining and satisfying to Football Manager fans with an updated roster as well as complete Xbox Live support, which will allow gamers to host tournaments and participate in one-on-one managing matches.

Get those ties in order, pressed and wrinkle free, because there's soccer (darnit!) football to manage on the 360 come March.

Video: Army of Two sneaks for the kill

There's a fresh and new Army of Two trailer making the internet rounds today and we're awarding it with the honor of being the first to use the words "camaraderie" and "cash" in the same trailer. Nice use of the English language EA, nice job. The trailer features a standard selection of Army of Two cooperation video, some sneaky tactics and one poor dude ending up with a broken neck. But like all baddies, he probably deserved it. Give the new Army of Two trailer a look over, decide which helmet you like best and ponder life's ultimate question ... to kill or not to kill.

[Thanks, Chris]

Pics of Halo 3 Series 2 McFarlane figures unleashed

He teased us with some Arbiter pics earlier this month, but today Todd McFarlane is showing off the entire Halo 3 Series 2 line of action figures that are due out in June. And be double warned Halo fanboys, Series 2 is just as hot as Series 1.

Uploaded to the gallery below is the final sculpts of the entire Halo 3 Series 2 line of action figures from McFarlane that will release later this June. Featuring 18 points of articulation and beautiful paint jobs are Series 2 figures including Master Chief sporting a shotgun and spartan laser (yum!), the Arbiter, a Drone, an ODST soldier, a Brute Stalker and a handful of other Spartans. The Spartans pictured include a CQB in red, Scout in tan and an exclusive EVA in white that'll be available at specialty retailers. McFarlane also lists six other color variant figures (complete list after the break) as part of Series 2, but they're limited to select stores. Now it's time to prepare by clearing off the bookshelf to make room for all this action figure goodness. Who needs books when you have Halo 3 figures.

Continue reading Pics of Halo 3 Series 2 McFarlane figures unleashed

Wal-mart offering 360 pre-orders for the cheap! [update 2]

Update 2: Most games are gone, except for: Smash Court Tennis 3 ($39).

Seems like Wal-mart has either caught on to the pricing problem or games are selling out, because certain pre-orders are coming up as "Product Not Found!" errors. Though, some games are still available. Pre-order what you can, it's an online shopping frenzy!

Hurry fanboys! is either starting a new video game pre-order pricing policy or is having some serious pricing issues. Either way, everyone wins! Make like an antelope in heat (whatever that means?) over to's upcoming 360 games list. Once there, you can pre-order most upcoming 360 games for $20-$40 off of retail! We're for serious! Deals like getting Condemned 2 and Dark Sector for $19.82, Frontlines Fuel of War, Turok and LOST for $29.82 or The Club, Army of Two, Burnout Paradise and Devil May Cry 4 for $39.82. Again, these are pre-orders for the games and we have no idea why these are so cheap or if Wal-mart will even honor the prices. So, there's a metaphorical shake of the dice with these offers, but the savings alone may be worth a shot. Pre-order with reckless caution.

[Thanks, Chris Csanyi]

Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Multiplayer, co-op and slots

The lads over at IGN had a chance to sit down with Ubisoft Montreal to discuss all things Rainbow Six Vegas 2, unveiling specific details about the game's co-op and multiplayer.

First up, Ubisoft decided early on to gear campaign towards co-op, making sure to have the idea of co-op gameplay in mind as they developed each level. Speaking of which, your friend will be able to join in a campaign game at any time to help out and earn the same achievements as you (a la Gears of War). On the multiplayer front, Ubisoft is focusing on more intimate maps, smaller in scale for the most part, which will force players into close combat. That isn't to say that there won't be larger maps to play in, it's just that they're aiming for tight quarters gameplay. Finally, for the RSV alums, Ubi confirmed that you will NOT be able to import your soldier from the original in the RSV2, but they'll still be rewarding those players with upgrades, an XP boost and some unlockables instantly. You know, because RSV gamers are vets and should be rewarded ... or something like that. Read the full interview after the jump.

GSB sponsors In-N-Out community burger feast

Nothing brings a group of Xbox 360 community members together like the promise of a free stretch-Hummer limo ride to go grab free grub at In-N-Out Burger. It works everytime.

The Gamerscore Blog and Major Nelson invited any 360 community member in the area to a Wednesday Meet and Eat at a local In-N-Out to end CES with an eating frenzy. Around 40 people showed up, stories were shared, memories were made (pictures here) and faces were stuffed. And after all was eaten and consumed the GSB crew picked up the $225 tab (you better pay next time Major) as everyone was whisked back home with full stomachs. These kind of 360 community gatherings are ever so awesome and it's cool to see that the Microsoft crew was willing to take some time out of their schedule to treat the community to a free burger. Oh and nice hats everyone. Rockin' the In-N-Out paper hat is classic.

Target offering free 360 skin with GTAIV pre-order

If you are one who likes to pre-order games and are all about getting Grand Theft Auto IV this Spring you may want to drive on over to your local Target for some free pre-order goods. Available now at every Target retailer are specially decorated $10 GTAIV pre-order cards that secure your game come launch day. But not only do you get the rather l33t pre-order card, but you'll also get a free Xbox 360 GTAIV skin pack to decorate your console when you pick the game up. We aren't sure what the skin looks like, but we have a hunch that it'll be black and feature the letters "IV" boldly inscribed somewhere. Again, we advise this only if you're a video game pre-order maniac who wants GTAIV and loves free stuff. Skins FTW!

Whisper Max cooler promises RROD protection

Coming from the zany folks over at Talismoon is a newly updated Whisper Max cooling fan system for your Xbox 360 featuring NITRO SWITCH! They claim that their "higher quality" fan can cool your 360 and prevent RROD from happening all while lighting up your console with three purdy colors. And if by chance your console would red rings after you install the Whisper Max (with NITRO SWITCH), then we guess you'd be screwed since you technically void your warranty while installing the fans. So, we'll leave the decision up to you. Plop down $25 on the Whisper Max (with NITRO SWITCH) while voiding your 360's warranty or use your console's current fan system as is intended.


Free Stallone Rambo downloads on the XBLM

To help advertise the brand new Rambo movie and to put a few extra dollars in Stallone's pocket (which he'll spend on Botox injections anyway), Lions Gate just released a free Rambo theme and gamer picture set to the XBLM. Which, as with all US movie content, we expect to be only available to US Xbox Live subscribers.

The free Rambo theme is mediocre with different backgrounds for each blade, but absolutely no attention was paid to skinning the guide. And that makes us sad. But the gamer pictures are rather nifty, but only if one enjoys Rambo's face. A noticeably less Botulinum'ized face. Grab the free downloads if you can and support the Rambo movie which will be in theaters January 25th. That is if you want to. If not, we won't tell.

HBO and New Line follow Warner into the Blu

As we continue to monitor the HD DVD and Blu-ray drama, today both HBO and New Line Cinema announced that they're leaving HD DVD behind and going exclusively Blu. The news shouldn't come as a shock to anyone though, seeing that both HBO and New Line's parent company is Warner, who made the Blu-ray jump last week. So, this means that starting now and through the foreseeable future, all HBO television shows as well as New Line releases will only come out on Blu-ray. We guess no more Sopranos HD DVDs for us.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

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